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Accommodation, Care & Support

for young people across West London

Our Mission

Help When It Matters

In an ever changing world, the young people of today are facing a multitude of challenges. We at Peepal Tree aim to provide a semi independent support service that will allow young people to overcome these challenges and make a successful transition from the care service to independent living.

Accommodation Services

We offer a range of services to local authorities to meet the varied needs of individuals:

  • Shared placements
  • Shared sleep-in placements
  • 24/7 placements
  • Mother & baby placements
  • Standalone placements
  • Outreach support
See our Services page to find out more.

Our Mission

Develop & Nurture

We understand that the young people of today will form the cornerstone of tomorrow’s society. As such, we believe that every young person matters and they should be educated and nurtured so that they are able to enjoy, achieve and make positive contributions to their communities and society as a whole.

Support Provision

Support is tailored to each individual’s needs. We provide help with a wide range of issues that affect young people, such as:

  • Daily living skills
  • Household management & budgeting
  • Healthy living & nutrition
  • Self care
  • Sexual health
  • Preparation for independence
  • Education

Our endeavours in supporting young people have been consistently praised by referring agencies, and individuals have commented that their stay with Peepal Tree made them feel like they were part of a family. 

Our Mission

Value Everyone

We provide a client focused service that will allow young people to develop, regardless of their background, race, religion or ability. We aim to provide a standard of excellence at every level of our operation. Through positive and effective working relationships, we hope to provide the opportunity for personal development and achievement of long term goals for each and every young person we accommodate.

Back on track

“I was in a very difficult place when I first arrived.

Living away from my family was very hard but the staff at Peepal Tree really helped and encouraged me.

They have helped me achieve so much and I now feel my life is back on track.”
Recent Peepal Tree resident


"The staff at Peepal Tree really helped me build up my confidence and this has given me a platform to go on and make the changes I needed to be more happy.

I still stay in touch with all the staff and will always be thankful for they always went above and beyond."
Recent Peepal Tree resident