About Us

Established in 2014, Peepal Tree Support Services Ltd is a supported housing organisation, providing accommodation and support services to young people aged 16–24.

We provide our clients with a warm, stable and homely environment, a foundation from which they will be able to flourish.

Through the development of key skill areas such as household management and social development, we aim to provide every young person we accommodate the opportunity to gain valuable life skills that will assist them throughout their lives.

Peepal Tree has an exceptionally successful history of partnering with referring agencies and working with young people. Our nurturing approach has empowered many individuals with the necessary skills to allow them to progress on to independence as successful young adults.

Vision & Values

We recognise that our success is firmly rooted in ensuring the people we work with – both staff and clients – support our vision, strategic objectives and culture.

Peepal Tree was founded on a set of principles that we hold in the highest regard:

  • Be open, honest, trustful and respectful towards other colleagues, residents and clients
  • Positively embrace change within the organisation
  • Consider the impact that decisions and actions have on others
  • Offer support and accept empowerment
  • Understand and actively support the importance of team working and team building
  • Be tolerant of other people’s views and share own views respectfully
  • Actively seek ways in which we can continuously improve quality and efficiency throughout the business
  • Maintain a balance in work and personal activities to achieve positive progression
  • Support Management policies and take responsibility for personal development
  • Recognise that efficient communication is vital to the success of the organisation
  • Actively contribute to the wellbeing of all colleagues, residents and clients 
  • Maintain a professional focus and strive for excellence
  • Give and receive praise and recognition for positive endeavour and results.

Working together for success

Our Staff Team

We have in place a well-balanced staffing structure to meet the demands and statutory requirements for the provision of supported accommodation.

Staff members are recruited through a very stringent process, with all guidelines pertaining to DBS checks and safety being adhered to.

Our committed staff members come from a wide array of backgrounds and have a broad spectrum of experiences from which to draw upon. This means they are able to use their skills and knowledge base to offer a well-balanced perspective and dexterous approach in supporting young people.

Our team has a wealth of experience in working with people within the care system and this means that they understand the issues that affect young people. Staff members are well trained with the majority of them being qualified to the equivalent of Level 3 in social care related qualifications. We also adopt a policy of continual training through in-house methods and external providers.

The directors and management adopt a very hands on approach. As such, we are able to provide stability to service users through a core group of staff that have been with the company since its inception.

Unforgettable Experience

"They have been a huge support through my stay and have gone above and beyond which has made my entire experience fantastic. Their help will always be unforgettable."
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H.A., Hayes

Who We Work With

At Peepal Tree, we work in partnership with a number of local authorities to meet the needs of the young people we support, including…

Hounslow Borough logo

London Borough of Hounslow

Royal Borough of Kingston

Richmond Borough logo

London Borough of Richmond

Hillingdon Borough coat of arms

Hillingdon Council

How can we help?

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