We offer a range of services to meet the varied needs of local authorities and the individuals and families placed with us:

24/7 Placements

A 24-hour managed service for young people of varying needs.

Shared Placements

Recommended for young people who are over 18 but not quite ready for independent living.

Shared Sleep-in Placements

A step-down service, where evening and night supervision is required.

Mother & Baby

Self-contained accommodation for young mums with child.


Self-contained accommodation providing more independence, with some support during the week.

Outreach Support

Support for individuals residing in other accommodation.


I'll Always Be Grateful

"I have had a great experience with Peepal Tree. They have helped me with health, developing my independence, but most importantly, my education. By enrolling me at college, I got a sense of independence and it helped to grow my confidence.
I will always be grateful for the support I have been given."
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Confident & Strong

"Before meeting Peepal Tree, I was a hopeless teenager without goals in life and looking at my life’s circumstances always scared me, I would run away, instead of facing things head on with a better attitude and hope. Now, with a powerful mindset, thanks to Peepal Tree, I feel confident and strong to fight any battle in my life."
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