Support Provision

Support provided to each client is dependent on the individual’s needs.  Upon placement, each young person is assessed via our comprehensive support needs planning tools.  A tailor-made action/support plan is drawn up in conjunction with the referring agency.

We can help with a wide range of important issues that affect young people, including:


Daily living skills
Household management & budgeting
Healthy living & nutrition
Sexual health
Preparation for independence

Key Workers

Young people are allocated an appropriate key worker, who will act as the main point of contact throughout the duration of their stay.  The key worker develops a tailored support programme and is responsible for ensuring that the young person’s needs are met in the best way possible.

Our Process

Upon arrival, each young person is welcomed by staff, who ensure that all essential provisions are in place to allow them to settle comfortably.  A key worker is allocated, and they work together to define the support programme for the young person.  Following this, we expect that they engage in scheduled weekly support sessions to help them achieve their agreed targets.

Support sessions include a balance of specific 1-to-1 skill development sessions and group exercisesprovided at times that are convenient for our young people (often weekends and evenings).  Our flexibility outside of traditional office hours results in good levels of engagement.  It also improves attentiveness, which allows young people to attain maximum benefit from each session.

Peepal Tree has built up a wealth of support knowledge, and we have extensive community links to assist our clients in the best way possible.  At present, we are looking after a range of clients, including care leavers, young offenders, unaccompanied minors, and young people with mental health difficulties.  Our endeavours in supporting young people have been consistently praised by referring agencies, and the young people have commented that their stay with Peepal Tree made them feel like they were part of a family.  As such, many of our young people remain in contact with us long after they leave.

We continually strive for excellence in all that we do through iterative development and management processes.  We hope to continue to excel. 


Incredible Support System

"Peepal Tree has been an incredible support system for me. The support I received has helped build and develop myself emotionally and physically. They helped me by giving me resources and affirmations whenever I found myself having difficulties. I’m thankful for all the care that I’ve received from Peepal Tree."
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Like Family to Me

"My key worker is a very good human being... loving and always smiling, and very comfortable. She has great ethics and patience. She is very, very hard working and always helping me. She was like family to me."
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Former Peepal Tree resident